Tiffany's STORY

Tiffany's Flava is your one stop shop for all your edible treats and designer sweets. We can handle any special occasion that you are seeking to create. Rather its our cakes made from scratch, chocolate covered strawberries, banana pudding, or our delightful, light, moist, cupcakes; Tiffany's Flava can deliver "Flava" that can make you and your guest smile.

We were created in 2011 and have over 9 years of baking experience. We take pride in our ingredients and ensure we sell quality products to couple with our quality customer service. We love to interact with our customers and provide "Thank You" tokens to our customers. Tiffany's Flava takes pride in what we do each day. 

We specialize in "UNLIMITED FLAVA'S", which sets us apart from other bakeries in your area. Icing or baking cakes, making icings, customized fillings, taking detail is to big or to small for us. We enjoy taking care of business. We place the highest priority on a daily basis of making the best informed choices for our customers. We carefully choose fresh local ingredients to provide you a safe and affordable edible experience with "UNLIMITED FLAVA'S".  Take a look at our menu and #addsumflava to your next event. We take pride in utilizing fresh local market for ingredients to provide you with the freshest. 

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